If it’s true that “You can’t afford to waste a crisis,” then there is plenty to occupy the attention of insurance executives in the current business environment. With the financial services industry as a whole being reshaped, economic uncertainty, and a fluid regulatory environment, insurance executives face numerous challenges – as well as an historic opportunity to redefine the playing field and gain competitive advantage. What does it take to make the most of this “positive tension” between risk and innovation, efficiency and customized service, budget mastery and strategic investment? What will it take to emerge from the financial crisis as a a leader, and what will be the differentiating factors?

At Insurance & Technology’s 11th Annual Executive Summit an exclusive group of senior-level insurance executives will gather to network, learn and share the best practices and strategies that are helping them lead their organizations out of the downturn and into the future of financial services. Participants have access to the innovative and successful leaders who are redefining the ways insurance companies interact with their customers, finding more transparent and effective ways to manage risk, build customer loyalty, and maximize internal resources.

If your organization intends to be a player in the emerging financial services competitive landscape, you can’t afford not to be part of I&T’s 2009 Executive Summit.

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